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What is MULIA?

MULIA Stands for Music for life Africa. It’s a foundation based in Uganda – Africa, we believe that Music is a combination of all life and situations. It keeps life going no matter the situations, we use music with our young kids and youths to make life better by use of it as source of income to help with education costs.

How does MULIA stand apart from traditional sponsorship programs?

Like other programs, direct sponsorship of individual children is possible through MULIA. However, MULIA's overall approach is one that aims towards self-sustainability; i.e. we aim in time to rely solely on funds we raise ourselves though music performances locally and international in future.

How does MULIA help children who are not in school to get into/return to school?

If any of the children participating in MULIA are known to have never gone, or to have left school, we will use the money we have raised and pooled from our performances and music instrument sales to assist each individual child with his or her tuition payments.

Additionally, some schools offer subsidised tuition for children they consider to have talent. MULIA will negotiate with these schools to ensure that its youth will receive tuition costs that reflect the talent they possess.

How does MULIA help children who are struggling in school?

MULIA works directly with schools. If any of the children participating in MULIA are known to be struggling to stay in school, we also use the revenues from our performances to keep them in school with the cooperation of the school and their parents to issuer they stay in school.

How does MULIA choose the children and it incorporates into its program?

Parents have been approaching Mulia to have their children join Mulia as they notice that have talents, we also identify children and youths in the community who left school and we require them to train with us Music, dance , drama and Instruments making. Also through the bi –annual competitions that we organise help us to identify possible talented children and youths who fit into our MULIA programs.

How was MULIA’s model developed? Has it been used in the past?

After realising that Music is one way of generating income and creating employment regardless of one’s age and education, Mulia found it possible for young children and youths able to raise revenue through their talents hence support themselves with tuition as well as develop as we mentor their individual talents.

How can I support MULIA Foundation?

You can support by contributing towards our current project to establish our home where these young stars will be meeting to be empowered hence making the dream get to reality. On our high level budget you can pick one item and fully support it. Or you can share our vision with friends and family who could be potential supporters. You can visit www.music4lifeafrica.org and donate any amount through the bridges of hope international inc. don’t forget to identify the project you are supporting as ‘MUSIC FOR LIFE AFRICA’

You can also be able to volunteer with us and pass on your talent to these young stars. This can be in different ways, i.e how to read music, playing any instrument, dancing etc.

When did MULIA Start and how?

Mulia started in 2014, through a dream of Sserunjogi Roger who wanted to be a musician but could not make it because of the family back ground. This made him think of making a talent centre to mentor young people as they get income and get supported with their tuition. Roger believes that talents are potential ways to alleviate poverty.

Why do we use music as a venture of income generation?

Music is a heart of everything, Music is an easy way of bringing the attention of the young people and we mentor them in a rightful way. At MULIA we use it as an income generating activity as well as a taping way to bring the young stars who are vulnerable closer for mentorship and discovering themselves.

What is the sustainability model for MULIA?

Once we have the resources to train and make good production, we perform on various events and functions to raise revenue that directly supports these young people with their education. On top of that, our instruments workshop where we develop cultural and tradition instruments that we supply to the schools and other cultural groups, makes it possible to sustain our selves.

What Are Our Success Indicators?

Foundation to support Education to the children in the troupes and dance performances,

- Identified talents will be helped to build their career in music as Uganda music industry is developing.

- Foundation studios to record live music performances will be established to increase on the revenues of the organization.

- The competitions in churches, schools both secondary and primary school will promote peace and from in communities of operations.

- The Foundation will insure reading culture among the children across the converge area.

- Entrepreneur skills besides Music will be training through our monthly innovation days and workshops.

What are the foundation participant’s activities?

Training in music, dance and drama

- Book reading, book borrowing/ reading culture through the community library.

- Counseling with other partners

- Inspiration speeches to the youths and children with community icons.

- Career development through motivation speeches by successful people.

- Healthy among youths will be tackled through weekly 1 hour workshops on HIV and other related activities.

- International tours for performances with professional performances

Can Mulia perform internationally?

Currently Mulia kids perform nationally and in any African country you wish them to. However if you wish them to perform on any event world wide as African entertainment ambassadors, write to us katsroger27@gmail.com , we will take you through the process to have them perform on any of your historical event.

Who is eligible to volunteer with Mulia?

We welcome any person who is in line with Music, could be specialist or by passion with music instruments skills, music teacher, artists, dancers child care personnel , sports men or women to come and share their gifted talents with our young stars.