Annual Mulia Charity Concert For Education

The Annual Charity Concert For Education is The MULIA  initiative for sustainability employed by the Foundation to raise funds at the end of each year. Supplementing the funds collected from the other performances throughout the year, earnings from the charity concert support the education for MULIA kids in the following year on top of well wishers who support our education program.

Every October this happens in the heart of Mukono district 24 kms from Kampala City. Cooperates organisations and businesses join to celebrate culture and support education of the children and youths we work with. 

Mulia foundation is soon introducing The Mulia Cultural Academy that will also be opened to community middle and top class citizens to subsidize the education of the vulnerable mulia kids. The Charity concert currently ha raised some funds to support partly the children and Youths we work with in the past four years. As the donor world is changing we are putting up a number of initiatives for sustainability.