Our Mission


MULIA exists to instil hope and engender a sense of continuity in young people aged four and above who may be orphaned, homeless, HIV positive, and/or unable to attend school. Using available resources, we promote the talents and develop the skills of Uganda’s vulnerable youth in a community built around music, dance, drama, and mentorship.


Our Vision


In Africa, young people often grow up with little or no idea of their potential. At MULIA, we aim to empower Uganda’s vulnerable youth by helping them discover and pursue their dreams of the future, regardless the circumstances of their pasts.


Our Goals


Our long-term goal is for MULIA to be an independent organization sustaining itself through the sale of instruments built by MULIA’S youth as well as through paid performances. We anticipate performing at events hosted by families, communities, schools, governments and other non-governmental organizations. In time, we plan to expand our services to include performing internationally, organizing competitions, and providing training to schools or other programs.


By giving their time, energy, and talent to this program, our youth will learn about entrepreneurship and see how each of their efforts can produce something in return. This will help them grow into responsible, accountable citizens, and the income they earn can also be used to help them get intoschool where they can begin to follow their dreams.


Our Values


At MULIA, we accept vulnerable children aged four and up who come from any background. We oppose discrimination, and actively seek to destigmatize children who are disabled or who have been diagnosed with any infection or disease, including and especially HIV.


We are also a community that believes in the value of family. We stay in touch with parents/guardians of our program participants through monthly meetings and workshops; in this way we are able to do as much as possible to ensure the health and well-being of our youth.


Further, we believe in non-violence. We promote peaceful interaction inside of our program, and aim to reduce any violence outside of it. If any child is known to have been abused at home, we aim to address/end the abuse immediately.


Our Current Project


MULIA Foundation has partnered with Bridges of Hope International Network of Development Agencies, Inc. Bridges of Hope is supporting the construction of a home for MULIA Foundation – a center dedicated to the operation of MULIA Foundation.